Peraiarooms is open all year. Summer in Greece is starting early of May and finishing at October. That period is the best for beach holidays but you will find many beauties on winter too!

Pilgrimage tours

Peraia is near the Holy monastery of Saint Paisios in Souroti(16 km) and Santa Anastasia-Farmakolytria(26 km). We take the responsibility for your transport and departure or we can combine a visit to both monasteries if you prefer. The wonder-working icon of Panagia Faneromeni in Michaniona.Michaniona, which is a suburb of Salonica and belongs to the Municipality of Thermaikos, like Peraia, is known not only as a fishery, but also for its wonder-working icon.Every year on the 22-23 of August, thousands of faithful people, not only from Greece, go there to bow its grace.

Waterland - Waterpark

The first waterpark ever in Greece one of the biggest in the Southeastern Europe. It is situated 12 km away from Peraia and it is worthwhile seeing. We take over your transport and departure there.


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